Are you still making your housing decision for housing near Raleigh next year? Great news, we still have spaces available and would love for you to join us! Many students find themselves trying to compare University Towers to local houses and apartments in Raleigh. Check out how UT compares once the rent is paid:
FOOD: Shopping, cooking, and cleaning dishes... INCLUDED
UTILITIES: Unlimited utilities (No Cap!)... INCLUDED
FURNITURE: Fully furnished rooms with a bed, desk, chair and dresser for each resident.. INCLUDED
HOUSEKEEPING SERVICES: Bathroom and vanity cleaning... INCLUDED
ROOM AND BATH SUPPLIES: Toilet paper, light bulbs, trash bags and trash cans... INCLUDED
COMMUTING: Gas expense, parking meters... NONE
APPLICATION FEES: RR fees are waived...NONE
With many housing options, these are either not included or will cost you extra money - so be sure to keep these things in mind as you make your housing decisions!